The journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step.


Considering talk therapy?  Talk therapy can help you address old wounds or cope with multiple stressors that are making life difficult for you.  The non-social, confidential environment in therapy enables you to speak to the issues that are most important to you – without worrying about hurting the feelings of others.  Therapy can also be a process in which you can seek meaning and purpose.  Through clarifying core values, the path in life becomes clearer.  Therapy can also provide coping skills, philosophy, teaching, and guidance for how to live the life you want to, despite the challenges of day-to-day existence.  While there are many approaches to therapy, the “fit” of the relationship will often determine the success of the endeavor.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see if we might be a fit and discuss the possibility of setting up an online session.

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